Angela Lee Chat Show

Angela Lee has worked within the Media & PR for several years.  A trained journalist and writer, Angela currently works as a Media & English Teacher.  

Angela has decades of experience working on Radio, previously as commentator for BAME issues at BBC Radio Kent and has worked as a Talk show host within community radio stations across London and the south east.  

Adding more strings to her bow, Angela is also a Publisher and has recently published a book of poems, 'Is Life a Cruise',  (Available on Amazon). 

The Soul Groove Show

Double Trouble  has been at the forefront of London’s cutting-edge club scene for the last twenty years. From Running spotlight showcase and promoting club nights throughout his career on the London scene.

As a DJ, Double Trouble has played on every continent and has been behind the decks at most clubs in London and around the UK.   His popularity grew through the nineties to establish him as a firm pioneer for the Rare Groove Movement.  Double Trouble is one of the best slow jams specialist in the UK which he has gained him props and a prominent position amongst his peers.  

Double Trouble is respected for his musical knowledge, backed up by his private collection of over forty thousand records. He has contributed a great amount to the Entertainment Industry.

Juxtaposition Debate Show

Andre’ Eazy and Roxanne are the “New kids on the block.” Having grown up in the same area they have known each other for years but have recently reunited for the Juxtaposition project.
The concept…. To put a spin on the traditional chat show format. To bring a fun fresh element to debates and conversations by producing totally honest, unscripted discussions on any given topic relying on wit, banter and spontaneity.

Having previously worked with Antony B on TV, André was persuaded to bring his experienced to LN Soul Radio and recruited Easy and Roxanne in on the project.  A lateral thinker with a mischievous sense of humour André is renowned for thinking outside of the box and producing magical moments using nothing but the spoken word. His sharp intellect, assertive approach and ‘close to the edge’ style of delivery makes him a formidable adversary in any debate.

Easy, The maverick of the bunch having honed his comedy alongside the likes of Richard Blackwood, John Simmit, Junior Simpson, Aymer & Powell, Geoff Schumann, Leo Chester etc. Easy took a sabbatical to do other things, but was drawn back to being a funster while doing shows at the Edinburgh Festival. He can at times be raw, refined, and positively delightful in parts. But what you hear is what you get, quick wit, banter with passion.

Roxanne is the Producer of the program, the glue which holds everything together. Her attention to detail, ability to multi task and research skills make her an invaluable asset to the team. The Juxtapose between herself and the two men makes for the perfect blend and adds yet another dimension to a unique concept.

Friday Night Mayhem Show

Antony B and Mr Carlos has carried a legendary status particularly in the 90's.  They both started working on a community radio station and became popular overnight.  This opened doors for the both of them and gave them success and their infectious personalities lead them to a stream of fantastic opportunities throughout the entire music industry. 

The highlights of this include, receiving accolades for playing in clubs all over London and the UK.  They are both recognised for comparing a number of music talent shows throughout the UK.  

They have both come together again to replicate the success that they had in the past. Antony B and Mr Carlos play the best music around and lots of banter which will keep them at the forefront of Friday night entertainment.

DJ Soni R&B Show

DJ Soni is LN Soul Radio’s Hollywood Roving Reporter bringing you juicy gossip and news from the West Coast and across USA. 

Based in LA, California USA she has worked for many years as a Professional DJ with variety of agencies on events all across America. DJ Soni also produced her own show on WLOQ Smooth Jazz 103.1 FM in Orlando Florida playing smooth jazz and soulful world music.

She has also worked for Dr Dre with Beats by Dre and in the UK for the Original Choice FM and Fusion Radio Stations.

DJ Soni is the First Lady of UK Based Buttercuts Records with releases of her own available on all major platforms. On a personal level Soni is a certified Yoga Teacher and Sound Engineer and loves natural health and wellness believes in the healing power of music! Make sure to listen to her on LN Soul Radio where Neo Soul Lives! 

Pure Neo Soul Show & 80'S Soul

Groove Show

Antony B radio career has spanned a decade, and he is now a well-known ‘household’ name. Antony can demonstrate commitment and flare for anything that he puts his hand too. His credentials are flawless, and he is a renowned professional radio presenter.

Antony spent 10 years with Fusion Radio 107.3 and 4 years on FLR radio which he presented,  the weekend breakfast radio show.  In his Programme,  he played the best in Neo Soul, Rare Grooves, Classic 80’s, 90’s Soul and Slow Jams. Antony interview a number of stars such as Blackstreet, Snoog Dogg, Jon B, Donnel Jones, Horace Brown, Tevin Campbell, and Angie Stone Phats and Smalls to name but a few.

The highlights of this career includes, playing in prestigious clubs all over London and the UK. Antony compared a number of talent shows in top clubs around London.  

Antony presented a number of TV shows for ITV,Channel 4, Rapture TV and recently Yaga TV.  Antony has an infectious personality which has lead to a stream of fantastic opportunities throughout the entire music and TV industry which has kept him in the forefront of entertainment.

On The Sofa With Esther

Esther is a transformational Leader, Speaker, fashion Designer, Editor-in-Chief and publisher of a magazine called TurningPoint: Your Lifestyle, You Well-being and Broadcaster.

Esther has interviewed some of the most successful pioneers and influential legends and entertainers of our time.  Esther delves into the heart and soul of these artists sharing never before told stories of failure and redemption, and how to pick up and start again.

Esther is a free spirit who is driven, ambitious, adventurous and spontaneous.  She love to read, visit the theatre, is creative, love to dance, laugh and loves music.  


GIRLS ON TOP-TALK SHOW (launching on 11th February 9:00pm to 11:00pm) 

Welcome to ‘Girl’s On Top’, and yes we are all aiming to be on top of our game!

It’s about time to start talking our business, right! After all, we are doing just that across social media and on many occasions we do not reach a resolve.

 I’m not sure about you, but I’m in need of some real conversations and fun, where we can ‘keep it real’.   I have been totally flabbergasted with the current stats, 63% of us are all feeling rather overwhelmed with life; particularly in light of the Covid-19 pandemic and pre-pandemic, we already had a crisis on our hands globally in terms of our well-being.  Repressing our feelings now remains unsafe, if we are ever going to beat this, it’s quite simple, repeat or recover!  

 As an Educator and Author, many of you are already familiar with my weekend Talk Shows with LN Soul Radio.  I have enjoyed immensely engaging with a variety of people across the globe on the SpeakUP Challenge where I am nearing completion of the NLP International Coaching and Speaking course.

 Yugeshree, who believes that everyone deserves to be free and happy. She also enjoys playing with her Pan Nation Steel orchestra.  Music is also another passion for our Indie recording artist, Whittington Still, who loves singing all things Jazz and R&B.  She is also an entrepreneur with her own Jewellery line, ‘Whittington Still Collection’.

 The north-south divide is no question here, Charmaine X is passionate about the creative arts and a committed professional, her career as an Educator/Leader and singer songwriter continues to blossom.  Judith Jacob, Writer and Radio Presenter loves roots reggae music and debates and is an advocate for her African community.  Jackie Booth aka Queen Bee, is the founder of ‘Simply Me Movement’, coaching women over 40 to sit in their truth! Yep she will take you where you want to go!   Not forgetting bold and tough loving 30-year veteran Health & Life Coach, Peggy Willms, who teaches spirit, mind & body practices for a well-balanced life.

 Come and join us every Thursday 9:00 – 11:00 pm, with light-hearted conversations, and although we are dealing with serious issues, we hope to have fun whilst we all chat and share with good music.